Andriana Chunis is a designer and freelance illustrator currently based in her home city of Lviv, Ukraine. Her illustrators are colourful, quirky and 'peculiar' - as Andriana comments herself. Taking inspiration from the people around her, Andriana is authentic in capturing individuality and personal style as reflected through fashion choices.  We talked to the engaging and insightful designer who shared with us her creative journey.

How did you become interested in design and how did you find yourself on the path of fashion illustration? 

From the moment I graduated from University, I have been searching for "my way" in various occupations. I practised painting and worked with a restorer. After that, I mainly worked as a graphic designer but also tried my hand at item design and interior modelling. I took part in different painting and design exhibitions in Ukraine and Poland. Having gained experience in plenty of design styles, I decided to concentrated on the one that attracted me from early on; the one I always loved doing - drawing. Now, I dedicate all my time to self-development and fashion illustrations.


How would you describe your work and style?

It's hard for me to characterize my own style. I think my illustrations are quite peculiar and minimalistic. I like to use some special accents and nuances. I love lines and straights, colour and texture. I sometimes try to highlight an important feature in the illustration, other times I try to hide it to give spectators the opportunity to discover what is important for themselves.


It's clear from your illustrations that you have an appreciation of fashion. How has fashion influenced your illustrations and where else do you look for inspiration?

I'm fascinated with the history of fashion illustrations and how fashion is portrayed. Of course I get inspiration from the famous works of Rene Gruau and David Downton. Among the modern ones, I'm impressed by the works of Daniel Egneus, Cecilia Carlstedt, Sandra Suy and lots of other talented illustrators. The cognoscibility and peculiarity of their work fascinates me.  Photographers, various blogs and fashion publications are also a huge source of inspiration. I think that the fashion industry has a cosmic aesthetics together with images and characters which is really cool. Looking for inspiration in everyday life is also very important; my home city, people in it as well as travelling to other places show the real situation in fashion and how charismatic people express themselves with the help of it. It is usually very elegant and individual and I can't pass by without capturing it in my mind.


What are the most exciting pieces of design work you've been involved in? 

I'm interested in my own projects, in which I put tasks and demands on myself. This process is so interesting because it worries you until you're satisfied by your work. From the other side, it is very curious to make something for a client; dipping into their brand style and philosophy. My most recent job of this kind was in collaboration with an Italian shoes company, Volta footwear.

What are you working on at the moment and what are your hopes for the future?

I'm creating T-shirt prints at the moment and working on personal projects of urban illustration. My dream is to organize my own exhibition and also to work on interesting projects with such known brands as NIKE.


Where do you like to shop and how would you describe your personal style? 

I like to feel free and stylish, thus comfortable clothes and shoes are the most preferred. I can characterize my style like comfortable casual, which reflects my mood or sometimes creates it. I prefer such brands as ZARA, H&M and NIKE.

You can view Andriana's Website with her work here. Check out her sketches on her instagram account.

*The images shown in this post were supplied by and are copyrighted to Andriana Chunis.