Nylon Sky - The name conjures up an image of a crafted and colourful, synthetic world. A chic synergy between 'Man-made' and 'Natural', befitting of this inventive jewellery brand. 

I first discovered Nylon Sky in Hannah Zakari, an Edinburgh boutique which prides itself on showcasing independent designers. The artistic culture of the city lends itself to the discovery of original and exciting creations and I fully indulge myself when visiting.

Nylon sky is a UK Jewellery brand which began in 2010. Their jewellery designs combine geometric patterns and graphic form. Each piece is striking; contrasting materials are paired together and shapes are cut into jigsaw-style patterns.


The unique union of unusual material choices; dark, natural wood sitting aside glossy perspex and polished brass create attractive textures - a distinctive signature of Nylon Sky designs.

Angular, jigsaw-like patterns are softened by pastel-hues and bold block colours.


The designs are created through a combination of laser cutting and etching techniques that are finished by hand. Architecture is a source of inspiration for Nylon Sky design formations. While cultural inspirations are evident in their 2013 A/W ‘Turning Japanese’ and ‘Egypt’ Collections, the inherent link between mathematics, patterns and art is strong in the current 2015 Modulo Collection.

Nylon Sky attended London Design Week and I caught them at their stand in Victoria House for the Design Junction Exhibition.

Kaleidoscopic patterns, contemporary and cool designs- I absolutely love these exhibition pieces.


Graphic form and design is often associated with commercial branding and advertising. The translation into the fashion industry has largely been in clothing, popular with graphic prints on t-shirts. It’s exciting to see Nylon Sky seamlessly translate graphic forms and patterns into striking and elegant pieces of jewellery.

As I move into a professional and cosmopolitan environment, I want the jewellery I wear to be modern, sophisticated, if a little bit eccentric. We carefully take time to choose our clothes and the way we style our hair. These choices reflect our personality, no less thought should be put into the jewellery we wear.

Nylon Sky jewellery designs resonate with the modern woman; a young, styled, go-getter, with a chic yet mildly extrovert wardrobe. The combination of their materials and shapes creates sharp, bold, contemporary pieces. These statement pieces would compliment any outfit, be it professional or out to a party.

You can find their collections currently stocked in over 20 independent boutiques and galleries throughout, Europe, Asia, USA and Australia.