TEA: In the summer, I love to drink my cup of tea outside, have it as something to relax me as I unwind; bare feet propped up on a chair while I read a magazine and sip on soothing warm tea. In the winter, a cup of tea is a welcomed warmer to thaw out frozen fingers.  Being something that has its place in every season and finding a purpose in every occasion; work, rest and play, I thought it best to drink the nation's favourite medicine from beautiful cups that can be enjoyed all year round. 

We picked up these gorgeous cups from the Astrid Ceramic Collection at Oliver Bonas. There are several designs in the collection with different prints and colours but as these were going to be heading down to Devon to my parent's home, we chose the red, floral printed cups to complement their plum-red country styled kitchen.

Seven beautiful cups got delicately wrapped up and made the long journey down from London. One for each member of our little tribe for when we find ourselves in the same place, at the same time.


I’ve had the pleasure of spending a few days in Devon which means my morning cuppa, afternoon ‘pep me up’ and evening herbal teas have been swigged and sipped from these beautifully pattered cups. These perfectly sized ceramic cups are modern and pretty. I love the detail with the contrasting coloured trim on the rim and gentle textured finish - I can circle the little flowers with my fingers as I warm my hands on my hot cup of tea and wait for the Spring. 

There is currently 25% off the Astrid Ceramic Collection from Oliver Bonas. If you’re wanting new stylish homewares, why not mix and match with other pieces in the collection too? They have some beautifully bowls, jars, trays and jugs, you can shop the collection here