They’ve been announced as Sweden’s third most influential start-up by one of the country's top financial newspapers and when it comes to hosiery, they’re equally committed to style as they are to sustainability.

Seasons change and wardrobes change. The autumn is regenerative; trees shed their leaves which fall to the ground, recycled into the soil. 

Autumn does not restrict us as winter does traditionally. I love being outside this time of year, to see the vibrant colours and witness the physical changes the season brings. When outside in the cool, fresh air I want to feel free and uncompromised. 

My wardrobe choices give me this physical freedom; I’m not ready to cover up completely or live in my skinny jeans for half a year. I've always preferred skirts over trousers, not least because of the femininity and variety that the different shapes and styles allow but also because I delight in the creative process of piecing an outfit together. I’ve built up a modest collection of boots over the years, I just need that gentle shield as the days grow colder to pull it all together: Stockings.


Swedish Stockings have a small yet timeless range of stockings which allow you to explore and enjoy the Autumn in style. Moreover, the brand's sustainable ethos parallels with this regenerative season.

Nadja Forsberg and Linn Frisinger are the founders of Swedish Stockings. Pantyhose, once a luxury item of clothing have shifted to everyday accessory. Their disposable nature, due to wear and tear, has a greater impact on the environment by the increased production of nylon. With this in mind, the duo set out to create a stylish and sustainable alternative with Swedish Stockings.

Typically, pantyhose are made from petroleum, a non-sustainable material whose production causes pollution at every stage - this, twinned with the fact that pantyhose are prone to tearing, meant this short lived product was calling out for innovation.

Swedish Stockings are sustainable since they are created from recycled yarn.  The collection is designed along with their manufacturer to ensure strength, quality and style.

Nadja and Linn spent time carefully sourcing the factory for Swedish Stockings and decided upon a manufacturer near Lake Garda, Italy. A large part of their production is driven by solar cells and the water used for dyeing the yarn is purified and goes back into the agricultural landscape, culminating in an eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Swedish Stockings believe that sustainability can be achieved along with great design and quality. Each style is personalised with a girl’s name, suggesting a defined character. My favourites are the Filippa Dots, Stefanie Seam and Nina Fishbone. They are sexy and sophisticated stockings and their high denier means that they are ideal to wear throughout the Autumn/ Winter months and through to our notoriously chilly Spring.


Sustainable fashion isn’t an oxymoron. These stockings feel comfortable and luxurious and they look fantastic. This new brand may not have a long heritage as yet but the craftsmanship and quality is akin to the stockings' luxury origins. 

As Vivienne Westwood said, ‘Buy Less, Choose Well.’ It’s exciting to see a supply and production chain challenge turned into a design opportunity to regenerate a pre-existing material. These stockings look and feel truly wonderful. It's fair to say, I’ve made my choice.

I ordered my pair of Filippa Dots from