On the brink of the New Year, I’d like to take a moment to say a big, emphatic thank you to the designers, brands and artists I’ve worked with over the past few months! Your stunning and unique stories and products; (bags, clothes, jewellery and illustrations) have helped curate a space where quality, style and sustainability can be admired, inspire and be shared.

Just a few hours away till the New Year, I'd also like to share with you some changes to Olive Road Journal and what you can look forward to from us in 2016!

Fashion seems more omnipresent than ever with social media allowing a dialogue between brands, bloggers and consumers - an order in which I’m not entirely sure where the chain of command starts or who is playing into whose hands. What I do know however, is that quality, style and sustainability are elements of fashion which are becoming more than options in our clothing, shoes and accessory choices. An alternative to fast fashion, these principles are being put at the forefront of designers and brands' collections and have become the bare necessities in helping curate my own sense of style.

Why not think about investing in a skirt which is a welcomed sight in your wardrobe in a years time (or several)? Or, owning a piece of jewellery that grows more loved with every wear? Quality, crafted accessories can transform outfits; elevating your ensemble from so-so to achieve a particular and distinguished look. I also believe that sustainable fashion isn't an oxymoron, and as well as featuring labels which use quality materials to craft beautiful products, I will continue to bring you the very best and ethical and sustainable labels. Feeling luxurious in our ‘second skins’ includes knowing the story behind what we wear. I’ve always believed in quality over quantity and in transparency over a misted mirror.

New to the Style features will be an emphasis on personal style; our disposition and character and all speak through our outfit choices and I’ll be sharing some fun little guides on ways in which you can dress for different occasions. I'll also be creating a set of posts on how to cultivate a style which reflects ‘what you’re about’ with the help of selected brands and designer labels.

Travel has played a large and exciting role in my life; including my education, friendships, and relationships - not to mention it’s facilitated many an adventure and escapade. As well as documenting my trips I’ll be sharing some articles on the part travel plays in our lives today, including; the technologies which are making travel so accessible, it’s established place for both the city dweller seeking escapism and the die hard adventurer, and, the inspiration travel provides for fashion and innovation. I’ll also be teaming up with some travel photographers and writers to bring you some exciting stories and 'insider tips' on the best spring break destinations.

I’ve hesitated in making this blog a personal account of my day-to-day activities - I want my readers to be introduced to new things and places which will leave an impression on them. That being said, those places and things are what I enjoy and so I've decided, if i’m going to give a little slice of me, I might do well to cut you a bigger piece and put a cherry on top - I’m going to be writing more personal articles too; (nothing that will warrant a TMI exclamation) these will be linked to fashion and travel or cover lifestyle topics. I'm very much looking forward to sharing these articles with you!

Last but not least, thank you to all my readers! I hope you continue to enjoy Olive Road Journal and enter the New Year in style and feeling fabulous.

Enjoy the celebrations tonight and a Happy New Year!