Just as scientists or academics hope that an interdisciplinary study will yield greater findings, so too is true of the creatives who combine different materials and draw on various sources of inspiration to create unique designs.

Using an alternative material choice for jewellery,  Z0ë Comings' designs are a fusion of natural beauty, art and fashion. Her distinctive and elegant jewellery brand was inspired by working in jewellery and ceramics separately for some time. By combining materials, Zoe has created a range of delicate and beautiful, handmade porcelain earrings and necklaces. "I found the perfect blend of aesthetic and design that I had been looking for."

Without dismissing our almost magnetic attraction to precious metals in jewellery, Zoë ’s designs always display a band of gold. Not only does this add a majestic streak to each piece, the gold compliments the mix of both pastel and rich colour pallets used in the designs, such as nude, mint, dark grey and navy.


What I seek in a piece of jewellery is a minimal style so that it can be paired with different outfits and worn everyday and Z0ë Comings Jewellery embraces simplicity; the natural raw material is fashioned into elegant, modern designs but Z0ë is careful not to lose its affinity with the natural world. “My work reflects the simplicity of nature. You'll notice my pieces are named after things you'd find in nature: pebble, leaf, petal, etc. Seeing the way these elements from nature are transferred through the materials is my favorite element of the design process.” 

The jewellery is handmade in Z0ë's studio in Austin, TX.  Singularity between each piece appeals to different  individuals and allows the wearer to impute their own meaning to the jewellery. “I am inspired to create pieces for individuals with a style that is classic, elegant and sophisticated. Since each piece is handmade, each is unique and those slight variations attract a person to one piece over another, giving the wearer a sense of authenticity to each piece.”

Z0ë Comings Jewellery is the perfect gift for a chic and stylish friend this Christmas.


*The images shown in this post were supplied by and are copyrighted to Zoe Comings.